인사글 표지

Ganjang Gejang, marinated crabs in soy sauce, has been deeply loved by Korean for long time. It's so tasty that it even had a nickname given by Korean ‘Bob Dodook’ - a rice thief. Since Ganjang Gejang was very precious cuisine in the past, it was only served for important guests.

In 1980, a small restaurant opened in Sinsa-dong of Seoul. The small restaurant with sincerity, strict principle on its food, and love for customers was later grew into “PROSOYCRAB”.

People started flocking to this place to try the delicious cuisine and especially it became very popular among Korean professional baseball players.

Baseball players praised it as "Professional Ganjang Gejang" for its great taste. This is when the tiny restaurant changed its name into "PROSOYCRAB".

Many Korean celebrities visited PROSOYCRAB and it started drawing customers from other nations: Japan, China, and even Southeast Asia. PROSOYCRAB was indeed a trailblazer in the Korean food culture history.

It has become a 'must-visit-place' in Korea for tourists and is now drawing even more visitors from many other countries who want to make an impressive memory in Korea and try a real tasty cuisine of Korea.


It has been a long time since PROSOYCRAB was established for the first time on the place in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam back in 1980.

Just as the time has passed, taste of PROSOYCRAB’s special soy sauce ‘Jeop-jang’ is getting richer every day.

Ganjang-gejang was very precious cuisine since ancient times in Korea which only served for important guests. PROSOYCRAB is the first restaurant to introduce Ganjang-gejang as the main dish made by premium grade blue crabs from the west sea of Korea, with fresh ingredients. We have been tried to serve our customers as our family with a taste of honesty for a long time.

As a result, PROSOYCRAB became a famous restaurant that many customers visit not only from Korea but also from Japan, China and all around the world.

Thank you again for the unwavering love of all the customers from Korea and all around the world, and we will return your love and grace through volunteer works, scholarship foundation, and welfare activities.

We will always serve our customers the best with the best cuisine.

CEO Jong-Youn Kim

History Company History


09 Opened Incheon Paradaise City Branch

05 Selected as the best restaurant for Dianping (大众点评)

03 Selected as the best restaurant for Ctrip Gourmet List


10 Business partnerships with Mercedes-Benz Korea

06 Business partnerships with Suntory Premium Malts

05 Selected as the best restaurant for Dianping (大众点评)

03 Selected as the best restaurant for Ctrip Gourmet List

02 Business partnerships with Seamarq Hotel


03 Selected as the best restaurant for Ctrip Gourmet List


07 Opened Jeju Jungmun Branch

01 Opened China Shanghai Branch


10 Opened Japan Oita Branch

08 Weekend Weekly 2014 Best Dining Award Selected as the best restaurant in Seoul, Korea

07 Participated in Taipei Korean Culture and Tourism Festival

03 Opened Wangjing Beijing, Yansha Beijing China Branch


11 Business partnerships with PersonaInc (Musical BiBob)
Business partnerships with PMC.Inc (Musical NanTa)

09 Selected as special gift by Seoul Westin Chosun Hotel
Selected as Japan airline in flight production

08 2013 Asia Best Dining Award Selection of the best restaurant in Korea

06 Ramid Hotel Vocational Training College Academic Agreement


12 Opened Busan Haeundae Branch

06 Opened Japan Osaka Branch

01 Established 'THE PRO', a consolidated holding company


12 Opened Seoul Samseong Branch

10 Received AAA sanitation grade from the Seoul City

09 Food manufacture and online sales by PRO F&B started

06 Selected as a best restaurant selling healthy food by Seocho-gu Office


12 Applied for the registration of trademark in Japan (2010-2972)
Applied for the registration of trademark in Korea (40-2009-0059009)

09 The 30th anniversary of the opening of Pro Ganjang Gejang

06 Opened the first store in Japan (Akasaka, Tokyo)

03 Established a Japan office


12 Selected as a restaurant of pride in Korea by the Seoul City
Selected as a Korean restaurant of pride marking countries of origin of food

09 Renovated the interior & exterior of the main store


10 Received a prize in Korea Food Show

07 Participated in Seafood Exhibition in Japan


05 Certified for quality management system

04 Business incorporated into PROSOYCRAB.Inc
Applied for registration of trademark ‘Jeobjang’ (41-0130325)
Applied for registration of trademark
‘Seo Ae-suk Ganjang Gejang’ (41-0130324)


09 Reported as healthy food by broadcasting companies (KBS, MBC, NHK)


09 Loved by Korean professional baseball players as a professionally tasted food and changed the brand name into ‘PROSOYCRAB’


09 Opened restaurant as ‘Honam Agujjim’

Vision & Misson

Making customers happy with good food and
making workers happy at the same time.


Basic Principle

The basic principle for restaurant business is to provide good,
delicious food that is prepared sincerely to customers and to make them happy.

Customer Oriented

PROSOYCRAB will always help customers experience
comfortness and satisfaction.

Management of Coexistence

PROSOYCRAB will provide a working environment where workers
can feel happy and worthwhile while growing with them together.

Social Contribution

PROSOYCRAB will share its prosperity with disadvantaged neighbors.

Business Structure